Project Completed
May 22, 2020
Dr. Thijs Eijsvogels
Radboud UMC, Department of Physiology
Physiomics, to the next level

Formative testing can increase knowledge retention but students often underuse available opportunities. Applying modern technology to make the formative tests more attractive for students could enhance the implementation of formative testing as a learning tool. Interphysio aimed to develop an internet-based formative testing application (“app”) and assessed it’s effect on study behaviour as well as study performance of (bio)medical students.

The “Physiomics to the next level” app is an open-source HTML-based application and could be used on all major operating systems and devices, including cell phones, tablets, desktops and laptops. A Dutch demonstration version of the app can be accessed via a guest account at

Students can be invited to use the app via email, providing them a personal password and username. In the app, students have access to a tutorial course, in which they could familiarize themselves with the use of the app, as well as to a course specific section. Learning modules can easily be added to the app, including movies and multiple-choice questions. Bonus questions can be unlocked when students reach a pre-defined threshold score. All questions need to be answered within 60 seconds and questions could only be answered once. Completed questions remain available for review purposes at a later time. Feedback regarding the answers to the questions in the app is provided directly by means of a green checkmark or a red cross. In case a wrong answer is given, a pop-up will appear referring the student to relevant pages in the course-guide and textbook where they can search for the right answer.

An overview of student performance is available, including the answer given to each question, the time spent on answering a question and the number of questions answered correctly.