Project Completed
Julia Diederen & Koos van der Kolk
Wageningen University

Many online learning environments require learners to mentally integrate information from different sources. This disintegrated learning experience might hamper the learning process.

Seamless allows educators to create integrated learning experiences for their learners. Teachers can do this by developing a number of Seamless slides. These slides consist of passive (text, images) as well as interactive (questions) elements. Seamless guides educators while creating these slides, by offering them templates and checklists based on educational theories.

Example of an Seamless slide

To further aid them in their learning, learners can easily keep track of their progress while they are studying. Learners can also rate Seamless slides, giving educators valuable feedback on their e-learning content.

Educators can follow individual student’s progress in dedicated scoreboards

Seamless scoreboard

Seamless is open-source and works within the content management system Drupal